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Sign up Bonus 0.05 BTC, Bounty up to 0.0032 BTC ,Youtube Video Bonus up to 0.03 BTC .

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May 1, 2019
Ƀ 70.80358554
Jul-12-2019 01:41:47 PM taehz996 Deposit Ƀ0.00509022
Jul-12-2019 05:50:20 AM hadumubin397 Deposit Ƀ0.03008200
Jul-12-2019 05:49:04 AM komalasari840 Deposit Ƀ0.01110000
Jul-12-2019 05:48:03 AM iman480 Deposit Ƀ0.51000020
Jul-12-2019 05:46:34 AM Vinita Deposit Ƀ0.02280000
Jul-12-2019 05:34:37 AM chukwuace123@yahoo.c Withdraw Ƀ0.02000000
Jul-12-2019 05:34:33 AM prasantacharingia Withdraw Ƀ0.00240845
Jul-12-2019 05:34:24 AM jhard Withdraw Ƀ0.14540000
Jul-12-2019 05:34:12 AM Onlyapix Withdraw Ƀ0.00758022
Jul-12-2019 05:31:19 AM Kryptoceeper Withdraw Ƀ0.36567440
Popular questions

Activate bonus by choosing a suitable tariff plan and make a deposit for a certain amount and withdraw sign up bonus.Please follow site system message, if you still not deposited 0.011 btc for activation next bonus 0.05 btc earnings , please make your next deposit for success withdrawals.
Youtube video bonus .

Your account and posts must be open to public
Your Youtube account must be created more than 4 months ago
Bonus 0.005 BTC >>The number of subscribers in your profile must exceed 600
Bonus 0.01 BTC >> The number of subscribers in your profile must exceed 5000
Bonus 0.02 BTC >> The number of subscribers in your profile must exceed 10000
Bonus 0.03 BTC >> The number of subscribers in your profile must exceed 20000
Video Views must be minimum 250 views
IMPORTANT : Send your video link to for checking, after you receive bonus for your video, you have to share every week minimum 1 time withdraw proof video.

Bounty Bonus

Your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account and posts must be open to public.
Your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account must be created more than 3 months ago.
The number of friends in your profile must exceed 300.
post duration must be active minimum 7 days.
IMPORTANT : Send your post link or screenshot to

How can i get Telegram 0.0002 BTC Bonus ?
Firstly join to selmining telegram group.Share your withdraw proof on selmining telegram group get 0.0002 btc cash bonus for each new withdraw proof share.
We accept e-currencies and usd : Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Dash, Perfect Money, Payeer.
PerfectMoney, ADVcash and Payeer deposits are credited to your account instantly. Bitcoin,Ethereum,Litecoin,Bitcoin Cash,Dogecoin,Dash deposits will be credit to your account after 3 confirmation.
Yes, you can ! min deposit is 0.005 BTC or more.
Minimum deposit is 0.005 BTC
Yes, sure you may have as many deposits as you want.
The minimum withdrawal is 0.0005 BTC.
Your request will be manually processed within 12 hours. We will do everything possible to reduce awaiting time of our clients.
Yes.Our company offers 3 levels of referral commissions - 8% commission for every deposit that your direct referral makes from external payment processor, 2nd level commission is 5%, 3rd level is 2%.
Yes, for that use Edit Account and add RCB percent.
Business Activities
Today we opening our service. Here is info:
Investment plans
1. 0.005-0.1 BTC |Jumper| 7% Daily for 365 days (365 days)|Manual within 12 hours.
2. 0.101-0.45 BTC |Business| 9% Daily for 365 days (365 days)|Instant
3. 0.451-20 BTC |Gold| 11% Daily for 365 Days (365 days)|Automatic payments

1. 0.005-5 BTC |Advanced| 130 % after 10 days (10 days)|Instant
2. 0.02-5 BTC |Popular| 310 % after 20 days (20 days)|Instant
3. 0.1-5 BTC |Premium| 490 % after 300 days (30 days)|Automatic payments

DDOS protection: Cloudflare (Business plan)
SSL: Sectigo Essential SSL
Domain: Namecheap
Script: Licensed
Payments: Manually within 12 hours for Jumper plan, Instant for Bisiness and Automatic for Gold plan.